How your life will look like with our Personal CRM

How your life will look like with our Personal CRM

As the founder of Nat, I have a clear vision of how our software will change and improve your life. I deeply need a small, individual and simple to use CRM for my own life. I can't leave my relationships and network up to luck. Instead, I want to purposely think about it and create systems for my life that will help me to build more, better and stronger relationships as this is what life is all about.

In this blog post, I'd like to share with you how your life will look like after having used for a year. It's my vision, and hopefully it will convince you that a tool like Nat is not only nice to have, but an absolute must-have for your life.


It's the beginning of the week, you are a successful independent professional, working as a consultant. You have two workshops planned with a client today in the morning. While you hop in the cab to reach their offices, Nat sends you an email with all the notes you've taken about the client you are going to meet in half an hour...

"oh right, Brendan's wife is called Lilly and she was starting her business last time we spoke..."

... you think amidst other useful pieces of information you recall about the past conversations and meetings you had with your client. Even if you had not spoken with this client for the past weeks and had been super busy due to an angel investment you just closed, all the useful information has come back into your mind and you're ready to enter the building.

After the workshop is finished, you think of a few things that would be interesting to remember about your client and his team. You open your email client and reply what you want to remember to the email Nat sent you earlier. A minute later you receive the familiar reply: ✅ Note has been saved. You've written 843 notes in total.


While you have enough work in your pipeline, you want to keep prospecting and you've learned over the years that the best way to find new projects is to stay top of mind. That's why you've set two hours aside in the afternoon to login into you Nat account and review your contacts. Nat's AI is continuously monitoring your emails, calendar events, SMS and phone calls and its model automatically understands who you're losing touch with based on the frequency of interaction with each contact.

On the web app, you can see eight contacts that you're losing touch with. Straight from the app, you send emails to those contacts: following up on discussions you had, scheduling meetings or sending audio notes per email to build report and share ideas or stories.


Today is your Zoom meetings day. You schedule most of your calls on a single day as they drain your energy and you like to keep the other days focused. In total, you've got seven scheduled calls for that day, some of which had been planned weeks ago. You always keep your inbox open and before each call, Nat sends you a handy summary of your past interactions and notes. That's already enough to jump into the call prepared. You also don't worry about opening a note-taking app as you write notes about your calls straight in your inbox as a reply to Nat's email.

At the end of the day, you close your Gmail tab with seven additional notes saved to your Nat account that will resurface the next time you meet those people.


During your focus day, you don't meet or email anyone. You know what you want to work on, and you do it well. Nat is nowhere to be seen during that day and that's fine. We are just building a tool that is there for you when you need it, not the other way around. We don't want to be a time drain. Instead, we want to be there for you when you need it, not a second more.


At 2 pm, you receive an email from Nat with a weekly update on your network and interactions. It's an excellent report with interesting stats: you've emailed 147 people this week, you're in touch with 231 people, Tuesday is the day you send the most emails, and the earliest email was sent at 5:40 am this week.

That's what you'd call a good week! Make it yours by getting early access to Nat here .